Our service promise

Delivering peace of mind so that you can concentrate on patient care

Commitment to quality

We understand that as a healthcare provider, the success of your business relies not just on the best patient care, but also a cost-effective delivery of that service. So, the last thing you want is a piece of equipment that stops working.

Through a continuous cycle of testing, research and improvements in quality and design, we produce products that stand up to the rigors of use and stand the test of time.


Regular cleaning will prolong the lifespan of equipment, as well as improving the patient experience. However, preventative maintenance and regular professional servicing is also crucial to ensure optimal ongoing performance of your products.

Maintaining your products is an equally high priority to us as manufacturing them. Throughout our entire distribution network, you will find an outstanding team of qualified service engineers. So, if a piece of equipment does need a service or repair, our team and your replacement part is never far away, ensuring minimal disruption to you and your clients.

Our Brands

Our Brands

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