Our Vision

We want to be known for our innovations and remarkable, smart and valuable products.

Why we are here

Dyaco is building a leading, inclusive, global fitness brand through agile market entry and  innovative thinking. We want to be known for our innovations and remarkable, smart and valuable products.

By considering the 'whole human cycle', our purpose is to deliver the euphoria of feeling better, stronger, fitter.

We believe in supporting individuals - to help them become a better, stronger, fitter version of themselves.

We strive to create new markets and energize the performance of commercial and medical fitness facilities through new thinking and smart, disruptive products and solutions.

Supporting the 'whole human' lifecycle

Supporting the 'whole human' lifecycle

At the core of what drives Dyaco is the desire to support and enable people to live an active lifestyle in order to improve their quality of life through better health, wellbeing and fitness. Dyaco supports people through every step of their journey; from sedentary to an active, fuller life; from active to fitter and stronger; from injured or with physical therapy needs to better mobility or recovery; from elite to peak performance.

The Dyaco ecosystem of brands and products is developed specifically to support the whole human lifecycle.

Brands we work with

With a history of manufacturing for major sporting brands, Dyaco is now emerging as a brand portfolio business in it's own right, with product ownership, licensing, partnership and distribution agreements across the globe. These brands, like Dyaco, share the vision and the passion to engage and inspire people to live active and healthier lifestyles.

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Our Brands

Our Brands

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